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Still wet!

Well my kit was still wet on the way home last night which meant that by the time I got home i was simply dripping. I stripped at the back door, hung my gear up and watched the puddles form. However do manage to slide quite badly on one of the corners which mean that my trousers had a fart in them!


On the way in today i was still wet, the rain has eased off a little but its still makes for an conformable ride. However the road was clear so it was a quick journey in. Also realized my 5000 mile service is due soon so ill have to work out how to do that.


Missed a bit

Bloody hell its wet! – I know i missed yesterday (sorry) – but i got soaked, my boots leaked and my leggings (mixed with the speed of the bike) forced the rain up and under my jacket meaning i spent the first half of my day yesterday wearing a zip up jacket and no shirt!. Everything was still wet when i slipped it on to ride home, where i got another drenching. Still the road were clear which was nice, just a bit of a problem with rain on the visor but i’m starting to get the hang of that!

Today most of my kit was still “damp” so it was a bit sticky riding in – its still raining so there were some wicked puddles. My boots were still wet and i realized a had a hole in my sock so im thinking of using the microwave to dry things out!!

Still trying to sell all my old 35mm camera gear at the moment in order to raise funds to pass my full test but its going slow – Nikons just arnt in demand anymore lol.



bit damp

ok so i got lost again trying to avoid the roadworks. Ended up getting an escort through the actual roadworks themselves!

British weather, being what it is, meant there was a big downpour on the way into work this morning, thank god for decent leathers. Busy day today so only a short post – have a good weekend all x



ok so I thought i had a good sense of direction.

I mentioned yesterday about the roadworks, so i thought i would try a different route home, winding my way through the Dorset countryside I thought i was making good time, I knew it would take me a little longer, but i was enjoying myself  so much so that after about 15 minutes I pulled out of a junction that was about 100 yards from where i started and still not the other side of the roadworks! to add more insult I found that they had opened the road an hour early so there was not need to divert anyway! Still I got to see a little more of the counrty!

The ride into work this morning was lovely, bike was running well and I only managed to headbutt one pigeon!


So my main route home last night was closed due to roadworks – had to take the counrty roads home, this would have been fine had i any idea where i was going!! eventually found a nightmare of a main road that consisted of some very steep hills (i’ve mentioned before the fact i cant get up these at any speed). My onlt saving grace was that it was very misty so traffic was moving slow anyway!

Coming in this morning was a nice ride. Mist was still down so it was a little damp, however the traffic was clear and the bike was running well. This nice thing about the rain is you don’t get a ton of animals trying to play chicken with you.


Lovely ride(s)

lovely ride home last night, was sunny, so on went the sunglasses. I tend to do that thing where i think i look cool then catch my reflection in a shop window and realize i’m a fat bloke on a little bike with ‘L’ plates on it! – still at least it was a nice ride home!

Coming into work this morning and i feel i’m getting the hang of the twisties (bends) i’m starting to map the route out in my head now so know which bends i can floor the bike in. It now just a case of getting the ball size up so i can hold onto the throttle!

I love my bike.


Well 1st things 1st (although i’m unsure how you put 2nd things 1st, but hay!) I passed my theory test. 50 out of 50 for the multiple choice and a dropped 9 marks on the hazard perception so i came away happy.

Ride home on friday was pretty mundane to be honest. The engine noise is beginning to get on my nerves so im now making cow and sheep impressions whenever i pass them. Got an odd look from a couple of dog walkers mind as i rode past barking.

Ride in today was lovely. Sun was shining, nothing on the road (other than me) no road kill to serve to avoid, just a nice gentle stroll in. No real thoughts to add to this blog to be fair. Although a bit like in Jaws I get the feeling i’m going to need a bigger bike!

Time to save some money now for my full bike test and sell my collection of Alien memorabilia and cameras to pay for it!



A bit damp

Weather was crap on the way home last night. Was that annoying drizzle that seems to just mist up the visor no matter how much head turning or shaking you do! Still at lease I managed it in a decent time. (i don’t speed – its impossible on my bike anyway!).


Journey in this morning was great, followed a fellow biker for most of the way and there was some unwritten joy between us, winding our way through the twisty parts of Dorset. Only one idiot decided to try and pull out from our right, however a bit of luck mean he saw the oncoming lorry and pulled back rather quickly, else i think it could have got messy.


Weekend here and I have my theory test – I have no hope with the hazard perception part but ill let you know how i get on on Monday.

Miss Daisy

Well the ride home was interesting last night. stuck behind a tractor for first part – you know those sods never pull in to let traffic past. When i got past that it was march of the school bus. Finally dumped them past a couple of super fit cyclists that were going nearly as fast as me down a hill. ONly to meet Miss Daisy, always in her Nissan Micra.

Miss Daisy brakes at EVERY corner, stops when she sees another car and never goes over 40mph. its the only time i wish a carried some for of rocket launcher. God I hate them, its one of the only times I get frustraited, tractors etc i can understand but Miss Daisy, WTF!

Ride into work was faster! – daydreaming as ever – visor was pretty wet mind due to our fantastic weather at the mo. Still at least my boots have stopped leaking for the time being and i got to work with dry feet.

Still a numb bum!

well the ride home left with me a numb bum again – i’m blaming the slow coach (literally) in front of me for most of the way home (About  40 min journey). To explain further, i’m a 15 stone bloke on a 125cc bike which due to the laws of fat bloke physics means i cant overtake anything faster than an ant and going uphill (of any gradient) it’s always a struggle! Roll on my A2 licence along with the hunt for cash to buy a new bike (maybe next year!). That said i have my theory test this weekend, don’t hold much hope as my hazard perception is crap!

No roadkill on the way in today and the weather was on my side. only 1 transit pulled out a little in front of me so i consider that a good journey into work. Even had a chuckle as one of the posie twats i work with left his soft top down under a tree – have fun the birds lol