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July 18, 2012

Sorry i’ve missed a few days – work has been really busy.


ON the way home last night it was the weekly “lets knock the biker off” competition. I had to swerve 4 times to avoid some idiot in a car or a van who knows that ill come out of the accident worse off! only one word to sum them up – Dickheads!

Bike is running well at the moment and i’m putting off giving it a service as that’s when things will, i’m sure, start to go wrong.

With the end of term coming up soon i wont be posting too much over the summer but will try to drop by once a week to see if i can build up from my one or two current followers!

Bought a tank bag the other day from a cheap store -really impressed those magnets must be pretty strong, its simple and easy to use and the best part is that it slips on and off the bike easily so no real hassle with bungee cords – although i wouldn’t trust it with any weight.

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