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June 27, 2012

So my main route home last night was closed due to roadworks – had to take the counrty roads home, this would have been fine had i any idea where i was going!! eventually found a nightmare of a main road that consisted of some very steep hills (i’ve mentioned before the fact i cant get up these at any speed). My onlt saving grace was that it was very misty so traffic was moving slow anyway!

Coming in this morning was a nice ride. Mist was still down so it was a little damp, however the traffic was clear and the bike was running well. This nice thing about the rain is you don’t get a ton of animals trying to play chicken with you.


  1. mynkist permalink

    I live in the desert when I rode my bicycle last week and broke my pedal. I stopped under a tree to attemp repairs. It was so hot when my leg touched the pavement. It burned me. I am jealous of a misty ride home.

    • That’s mad!! – i would love some decent sun to ride home in – but not that much.

      • It was 114 degees when I pedaled our yesterday. I usually take ice water in my camelback. But it melts quickly

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