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June 25, 2012

Well 1st things 1st (although i’m unsure how you put 2nd things 1st, but hay!) I passed my theory test. 50 out of 50 for the multiple choice and a dropped 9 marks on the hazard perception so i came away happy.

Ride home on friday was pretty mundane to be honest. The engine noise is beginning to get on my nerves so im now making cow and sheep impressions whenever i pass them. Got an odd look from a couple of dog walkers mind as i rode past barking.

Ride in today was lovely. Sun was shining, nothing on the road (other than me) no road kill to serve to avoid, just a nice gentle stroll in. No real thoughts to add to this blog to be fair. Although a bit like in Jaws I get the feeling i’m going to need a bigger bike!

Time to save some money now for my full bike test and sell my collection of Alien memorabilia and cameras to pay for it!



  1. mynkist permalink

    I am working on riding a bicycle to work. But I will tell you I had to swerve the other day to avoid a roadrunner now I know why the coyote wants to kill one so badly

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