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Miss Daisy

June 21, 2012

Well the ride home was interesting last night. stuck behind a tractor for first part – you know those sods never pull in to let traffic past. When i got past that it was march of the school bus. Finally dumped them past a couple of super fit cyclists that were going nearly as fast as me down a hill. ONly to meet Miss Daisy, always in her Nissan Micra.

Miss Daisy brakes at EVERY corner, stops when she sees another car and never goes over 40mph. its the only time i wish a carried some for of rocket launcher. God I hate them, its one of the only times I get frustraited, tractors etc i can understand but Miss Daisy, WTF!

Ride into work was faster! – daydreaming as ever – visor was pretty wet mind due to our fantastic weather at the mo. Still at least my boots have stopped leaking for the time being and i got to work with dry feet.

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