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Losing hope

June 19, 2012

wow not one view, comment, or follower so far. This basically means that i’m ranting to myself. Of well. Ill give it a while longer.


Ride home last night was great, weather was good and no slow drivers on the road. Even on my trusty 125 i felt the wind. Only minor problem was that after sitting on exam style chairs an hour before my ride, my bum was very numb and this is something that my bike saddle decided was a good thing.


Ride into work today was lovely as well. It was very sunny and this added contrast to some areas. I wear prescription sunglasses everyday it sunny (thank you optilabs) and these are the best thing ever. I broke them a few weeks ago and was lost, luckly optilabs turned them around and got them back to me in under a week – with no cost – legends.


I hope someone starts to follow this soon!

One Comment
  1. how can you not follow something that has the workds my bum was numb?

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