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been a while

ok i admit – its been a while – but i’m back at work after a nice summer break.

Didnt get out as much on the bike as much as i would have liked, mostly due to a leaky oil plug!! however once fixed im pleased to say that i managed to pass my mod1 test first time – only one more to go know until i can get rid of the ‘l’ plates.


Rides to and from work are starting to get cold – time to look at investing in mittens !


Last one for a while

Ok so this will be my last post for a bit as i.m on holiday for 6 weeks! however i will try to pop by from time to time just to let you know how its all going.

Ride home last night (as was the ride in today) was lovely, no idiots on the roads for a change and plenty of space to move in. Weather was even on my side.



nice ride!

a lovely ride home last night – just started to rain for about the last 4 miles but i’m getting to quite like the man Vs elements fun of riding a bike.

Riding in today was good until i got stuck behind a slow lorry that i couldn’t get past as i don’t have enough power, however the sun is out – you can always tell this as all the fair weather riders have started to steal my parking spot!


Sorry i’ve missed a few days – work has been really busy.


ON the way home last night it was the weekly “lets knock the biker off” competition. I had to swerve 4 times to avoid some idiot in a car or a van who knows that ill come out of the accident worse off! only one word to sum them up – Dickheads!

Bike is running well at the moment and i’m putting off giving it a service as that’s when things will, i’m sure, start to go wrong.

With the end of term coming up soon i wont be posting too much over the summer but will try to drop by once a week to see if i can build up from my one or two current followers!

Bought a tank bag the other day from a cheap store -really impressed those magnets must be pretty strong, its simple and easy to use and the best part is that it slips on and off the bike easily so no real hassle with bungee cords – although i wouldn’t trust it with any weight.


got a lift in this morning – good old wife!


Ride home last night was pretty uneventful, followed a fellow rider for most of the way so there was a bit of comoradary or however you spell it, some of the roads are still flooded, but that just seems to make the ride more fun!

nicely done!

well it was a little wet still riding in this morning, had to come through a couple of small floods. There is something really satisfying about going through these. No sure what but its fun, maybe its the whole man Vs the elements sort of thing!

No major issues with traffic and only had the one idiot pull out in front of me – maybe i should start taking number plates and naming them on here! kinda of a dickheads gallery lol

one way trip!

Only rode home last night as wife gave me a lift to work this morning!

An I have to admit it was the best ride home ever! – weather was good, and i was the only vehicle on my side of the road for the whole journey. It was lovely to sit back an enjoy the ride without some dickhead rammed up my arse! – i was actually able to take in the countryside and drive like a madman when i could lol


Ride home on Friday was pretty plain to be honest, a bit damp as ever but i was happy in the thought that my kit might get a chance to dry out over the weekend. Skidded the bike on the same corner i always do! – seems the more careful i am about the worst the skid is!

The weekend in south UK saw a massive amount of rainfall followed by huge local flooding, this has meant that a great deal of roads surrounding my way into work today were closed. This meant that every Tom, Dick and Harry was diverted to drive a long my normal route! This on its own didnt bother m and i even managed to cut up a few nissan micras!!

Going Slow.

A nice ride home last night, the bike is running well – although its coming up to a 5k service (which ill do myself as i cant afford the garage). Really beginning to get the hang of some of the twisty bends and im starting to memorise the roads well, just try to avoid the wildlife is the next challenge.

Has a lovely ride in this morning, for once it was dry (although the rest of the country seems a little damp). Only one tractor in the way – again as my bike is low powered i couldn’t get past it, but luckily it turned off after a couple of minutes.

One of the big advantages of being on a bike is you can really shout at people! – i had a guy cross the road, stop in the middle and just look at me, knowing he was in the wrong for simply walking out in the first place i enjoyed calling him a few names as i went past, knowing he could hear every word!!!


Weekend ahead so no posts till Monday as long as i remember!


Getting better!

the ride home last night was not as wet as it has been, and was fairly uneventful. Only downside I got stuck behind a Nissan Micra – i really hate those cars and feel there is a need for all of them to be scrapped, Micra drivers are either slow, dangerous or both!


Riding into work was lovely this morning. It was nice and dry and notr much traffic on the road, i was in no hurry so was able to just sit back and enjoy.